Intensive Programmes

Who can apply for the intensive programme?

1. Applicants should be, upon enrolment, 16 years old or above.

     Written consent from parents or guardians is required for applicants below 18. Accommodation is only provided to applicants whose age       is 18 or above;

2. Those who wish to apply for award-bearing programme should at least

                (1) completed Hong Kong secondary five education or equivalent on or prior to 2011 or
                (2) completed Hong Kong secondary six education (university admission level) or equivalent on or after 2012.

3. At the beginning stage of the course, some English will be used. It is desirable for applicants to possess functional ability in English to ease learning and living in Hong Kong. However, it is NOT an entry pre-requisite.

4. Tourist status (including visa free in-bound travelling) is not allowed by the law to study educational programmes in Hong Kong. All students should possess legitimate immigration status before attending lessons. The Centre can sponsor student visa to those in need provided that applicants has enrolled into a daytime intensive programme with the Centre (15 sessions/ week for level 1 to 3 and at least 12 sessions/ week for the advanced level.)

5. Applicant who does not enjoy the visa waiver concession; or a visa/entry permit is required before coming to Hong Kong, he or she MUST settle fully the Application Fee, the Deposit and the tuition fee for the first school term before CLC staff take any action to process the visa application. HKSAR visa requirements for the foreign countries/ territories are listed at the HK Immigration Department website.

5. Non-beginners who are applying for non-beginner courses have to complete an online placement test together with the application.

6. "Relaxation of employment restriction for non-local students” and “Immigration arrangement for non-local graduates” in the HK immigration policy are not applicable to language study students/ graduates. “Quality Migrant Admission Scheme” has quota and applicant’s language ability is only one of the many criteria in the successful application of the scheme. Visa applicants are advised to adjust their expectation based on the latest IMMD policy. 

 Intensive Programmes

How to apply for the intensive programme?

Applications can be made any time in a year. For those who are not having HKID or valid resident visa, application should be forwarded to the Centre preferably three months prior to the beginning of the intended programme to provide sufficient time for student (study) visa processing.

Immigration requirement:


Students who come to study in HK MUST BE either a resident of Hong Kong, working visa and/ or student visa holder.

Holder of tourist visa and/or visa exemption status is not allowed to study in any institution in Hong Kong.


So, you must be clear about your visa status and apply for visa prior to your study. Otherwise, both you and the centre will be liable for violating the immigration law. Under HKSAR immigration policy, holders of student visas should not take employment, paid or unpaid. Thus, students who intend to work must obtain a work visa with the sponsorship of their employer and then make arrangements for studying at the centre. Applicants without a legitimate immigration status for study purpose will not be allowed to attend a class even if they are already in the school and have paid the fee.


Tourists who enter into Hong Kong with visa exemption status or tourist visa and want to apply for a CLC course MUST change status from tourist to student in person with the immigration office and this process normally takes one month. To avoid frustration and possible delay in visa processing, students are advised to forward application to CLC as early as possible.

Intensive Programmes

Documents needed for applying for intensive programmes

  1. Application Form

  2. Signed Student Regulations;

  3. Copies of current or previous school documents; (compulsory to award-bearing programmes and student visa application);

  4. A copy of your passport;

  5. Student service pre-arrangement form;

  6. (overseas students only) Please study carefully the Guidance Notes on Student Visa Application and submit original filled student visa application forms- ID 995A;

  7. (overseas students only)Fill in Certificate of Finance and provide proof of financial standing.(This is to prove student’s financial status. Bank statement, passbook copy can be used for this purpose);

  8. Please provide a statement in no less than 100 words and printed in A4 paper to express (i) why you want to take up the proposed study in Hong Kong and (ii) your immediate plan after completion of the proposed study in Hong Kong. (It is preferably to be written in English or Chinese. Japanese and Korean support will be given if needed.)

  9. Application checklist

  10. (Cantonese programme only) Sign on a declaration as required by the Continuing Education Fund for the approved Foundation Certificate programme before the start of the course. 

* Medical certificate is not required at this moment;

** It is advisable for students to buy their own insurance for studying abroad.

 Intensive Programmes

​Payment for intensive programmes

  • School deposit (refundable) : HK$1600

  • Application fee (non-fundable): HK$400

  • Visa fee: HK$350 (if necessary)


The $1,600 is credited to the student's account after formal registration at the CLC. This deposit serves to reserve a position in the term for which the student wishes to apply and is held by the centre for the entire period a student is studying at the centre as caution money against the privilege of borrowing books or other materials from University libraries and the Centre.

Refunds will be made upon completion of a student's studies. Should an applicant withdraw after acceptance or fail to register as required for any reason, the deposit will be forfeited. The deposit of a continuing student will not be refunded if the student withdraws without written notice or if the notice does not reach the centre two weeks before the following term begins;

All fees (tuition fee, application fee, deposit, visa, activity etc.) can be settled in form of credit card (exclude accommodation), bank draft or bank transfer (Hong Kong Dollars only). Local cheque can be made payable to “The Chinese University of Hong Kong”.

Need a Student Visa

Need a student visa? HK$2350 + Tuition fee


Application fee $400

+ Deposit $1600

+ Visa Fee $350

Doesn't need a Student Visa

Student visa not necessary?HK$2000 Tuition fee

Application fee $400

+ Deposit $1600


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