Name: WANG Tianxiao (Austin) 王天啸

Title: Project Coordinator

Telephone: 3943 5141



  • MA in Chinese Linguistic and Language Acquisition, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • BA in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Foreign Language University of Dalian

Professional Experience

  • Project Coordinator (Academic Activities Division), Yale-China Chinese Language Centre, CUHK (2016 to present)

  • Teaching Assistant, Yale-China Chinese Language Centre, CUHK (2013- 2016)

  • China PRINCH support and group leader since 2014 in Beijing, Yantai and Dali.

  • Teaching support in a Putonghua project funded by Standing Committee of Language Education and Research, Education Bureau, HKSAR (Since 2017).

  • HSK examiner and invigilator (Since 2013)

  • Tutor, summer Chinese language programme for University of South Carolina in CUHK.

  • Recordist for Putonghua electronic teaching material for a local publisher.

  • Putonghua instructor in a private education centre.

Professional Services And Awards

  • Putonghua Proficiency Test by the State Language Commission of China, Level 1

Research Interest

language acquisition, Second language acquisition, technology and language teaching


韋丹莉、王天嘯、王浩勃. 2019. 語用為綱漢語二語中級教材編寫的實踐.  載 馮勝利,李春普&吳偉平 編著《語言學與華語二語教學――從語言本體到語言運用》(164-187). 商務印書館,香港.

[Wei Danli, Wang Tianxiao & Wong Ho Pot. 2019. The Compilation of a CSL Textbook (Intermediate) Based on Pragmatic Framework. Linguistics and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (volume 8), ed. by Feng Shengli, Li Chunpu & Wu Weiping, 164-187. Hong Kong: The Commercial Press.]

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