By the Great Wall of China

PRINCH (Pragmatic Internship in China) in Beijing


A 3-credit CUHK total immersion programme in Chinese language and culture for intermediate and advanced Chinese language learners.

PRINCH is a task-based total immersion programme which actualizes the idea of “learn to use and use to learn”. It is carefully designed to provide intermediate and advanced Chinese language learners with the opportunity to use language appropriately in real life for effective communication purposes. First launch in 2006, PRINCH allows students to practice what they have learned in class through a variety of activities in the target culture, an approach that has been recognized by professionals and highly recommended as a most effective means to cultivate pragmatic competence of language learners. Class format consists of three parts, (1) Classroom activities with CLC head teacher. (2) Theme-based trips in small groups led by local teachers and (3) Post-trip tasks with teachers, such as Q&A, discussion and presentation. Themes include history, religion, commerce, customs and culture, education and modern living etc.

PRINCH History

CUHK Local Students

20 quotas funded by the Ministry of Education in mainland China.



International Students

CUHK international undergraduates who register course on CUSIS.



CLC Students

Regular intensive programmes, part-time programmes, exchange students, other participants.



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