Putonghua (Mandarin)  Part-time Programmes

A wise choice for busy professionals to learn Chinese language progressively.

These programmes were first launched at CUHK in 2007 with under 30 students. They have then flourished to attract more than 250 students per academic term to study in different locations. They are less intensive but require a longer duration than the full-time programmes to achieve a similar level of proficiency.

New weekday evening classes in January, April, July and October.

New Saturday classes in January, May and September.

Course load: 2 to 3 sessions a day, 1 to 2 days per week, 40 sessions per quarter, lessons on weekday evenings or Saturdays.

Class location: CUHK Shatin campus.

Girl Using Laptop
Foundation Certificate Programme in Chinese (Putonghua) for Non-Chinese Speakers


Part-time mode: 4-12 months, minimum 80 class hours.

Expected learning outcomes (depending on entry level): 

Speaking & Listening: Ability to understand and reply to utterances containing selected vocabulary items and grammar points at the sentence level in daily conversations; Ability to apply selected vocabulary items and grammatical patterns at the sentence level in daily conversations with appropriate usage.

Reading: Ability to read individual words and short phrases in real life contexts and understand the formation of Chinese characters (e.g. stroke order, etc); Ability to recognize and read Chinese characters and readings at the sentence level in real life contexts


Writing: Ability to copy and reproduce from memory a modest number of isolated words or phrases in context.