Putonghua (Mandarin)  online courses


​Anyone can learn any level Mandarin anywhere.

Meet the CLC's professional teachers online as an alternative means to learn Chinese language progressively and systematically and transcend national border.

Comprehensive and systematic curriculum. No immigration and education requirement for admission.

Join in any month:  May, July, August, October and November. Enjoy 10% discount by enrolling in 4 consecutive phases.

Course load: 2 sessions per meeting on weekday evenings.2 meetings a week. 10 meetings per phase. Around 1 month to finish 1 phase (20 sessions). One week's break between phases.

Course delivery: via Zoom and/ or other media the teachers deem appropriate.


Free placement will be given to non-beginners. There is no assessment in the course. Just find your right pace to proceed.

Putonghua Real-time Online Courses
(July-December 2020)
普通話實時網上課程 (2020年7月至12月)

Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, Business and HSK level 4 to 6.


These non-award-bearing courses aim to give all-rounded training in Chinese with emphasis on oral skill and listening comprehension. They consist of proficiency oriented activities based on useful vocabulary items, daily expressions and a wide variety of patterns.

Students will be grouped in a class with classmates of similar level and have the online synchronized class together. E-learning assignments will be given outside course hours. Students have a choice to complete them or not. Personalized feedback will be given by the teacher.

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