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SCOLAR’s Vocational Chinese Language Programme for Non-Chinese Speaking School Leavers 語常會已離校非華語人士職業中文課程

This project was first run by CLC in August 2017 under the scheme “SCOLAR’s Vocational Chinese Language Programme for Non-Chinese Speaking School Leavers”. It is funded by the Language Fund and supported by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) for the purpose of promotion of Chinese learning. The programme aims at enhancing non-Chinese speaking school leavers' capability and confidence in listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese; helping them to obtain qualifications recognized by the Government and different sectors, and enhancing their employability.


In the 2019-21 cycle, the CLC’s Foundation Certificate Cantonese Programme with Elementary I and Elementary II course components will be funded. Students can receive a subsidy cap of 85% of course fee upon satisfactory completion of the whole programme or with satisfactory attendance.

  • For elementary learners to learn Chinese (Cantonese)                  

  • Listening and speaking oriented

  • 80-hour programme                                                                         

  • Course fee at HK$2000 with a reimbursement of HK$1700 upon satisfactory completion

  • University MTR convenient classrooms



An applicant should be...


  1. A non-Chinese speaking Hong Kong resident 

  2. Have completed the education equivalent or higher than grade 11 to 12

  3. Currently not studying any full-time programme


Reimbursement eligibility

  1. Completed the application procedure and received SCOLAR programme’s acceptance confirmation prior to the study;

  2. Completed the designated CP2101 AND CP2102 modules;

  3. Attained a pass grade in each of the study modules OR attained at least 80% attendance in each of the study modules.


How to apply?

  1.  Applicants should study carefully and sign the Notes to Application;

  2.  Fill in an online application form exclusively for the SCOLAR funded Foundation Certificate Programme. The programme application will be processed only upon full submission of the documents, including Hong Kong visa/ permanent HKID information and education proof.

  3.  Upon satisfactory completion of the programme, subsidy will be reimbursed to the students. For 2019-21, the programme fee is HK$2000. SCOLAR subsidy reimbursed after programme completion: HK$1700. Net amount paid by students: HK$300.


Terms & Conditions

The Study Programme

This project is supported by SCOLAR and funded by Language Fund

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