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Name: HUANG Ying (黃楹)

Title: Assistant Lecturer (Putonghua)

Telephone: 3943 5915

Office: LG11, Leung Kau Kui Building

Email: yhhuangying@cuhk.edu.hk

College Affiliation: New Asia College



M.A. Chinese Linguistics and Language Acquisition. The Chinese University of HongKong. (2009)

B.A. Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Zhejiang Normal University. (2008) 

College Affiliation

New Asia College

Teaching Experience

Yale-China Chinese Language Centre, CUHK. (2010-present)

Relevant Professional Activities

2010-Present. Invited Speaker for a series of Putonghua lectures by the Hong Kong Mandarin Society.

2010-Present. Speaker of the Social Putonghua Workshop. New Asia College, CUHK.

2011. PPD workshop ‘汉语初级课堂语言点提问技巧’ with LiuJian.

2012. PPD workshop ‘配合语用点的对话练习’ with DuYingzi.   

2013. PPD workshop ‘PPD初级轮教课备课材料整合’ with Wong Hoput.  

Selected Academic Publications

2013. The Application of Pragmatic Points in Elementary CFL Classes. Conference Paper, 11th BCLTS International Conference on Innovation and Consolidation in Learning and Teaching Chinese -Applied Chinese Language Studies V. The British Chinese Language Teaching Society. UK.  

2014. 浅议对外汉语初级班的“语用点”对话练习. 载 李兆麟, 谢春玲, 吴伟平合编, 《语言学与华语二语教学: 语用能力培养的理论与实践》,商务印书馆 (香港).